Hi!!!!! My name is Ren (Has nothing to do with Nu’est or the singer Ren, my name is actually Renee) and welcome to my blog. I decided to start blogging because with being done post-secondary school in both office admin and music business and obtaining a full-time receptionist job, I still want to participate in something that has to do with music and anywhere along the lines of being creative.

I’ve been listening to K-pop since 2010. Well… actually, you can say 2008 because that was around the time when BOA debuted in America. I am a major YouTube viewer so that’s how I find all my new music! If I hear a song from that person for the first time, I would look them up to see if they had any other music. Which was the case with BOA and Se7en. SS501 was another group that I found out about but only because at the time I loved Varsity Fanclub and the song they posted on YouTube was the original English version of “Love Like This”. So then I started searching for them. It wasn’t until September 2010 that I met the person that would give me a crash course on Asian music and shows.She introduced me to so many other artists such as SHINee, TVXQ (before and after break-up), U-kiss… honestly the list is long. I am at a point where I am suggesting music to her. Same goes for the shows as well. Ever since then, that is pretty much ALL I watch and listen to with the occasional YouTube artists.

So now this blog, I decided to create something to get connected with Kpop and Kdrama lovers  all over the place. I don’t have many friends that are into these things so sometimes I just want to share what I think to someone who cares! So don’t be afraid to ask questions or make comments! Since this is basically my first go with blogs, do give feedback! Since I decided to start this blog in this point in my life. I might do reviews and older music and shows.

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  2. Hi Renee!

    This is Yinka A. of Healthy & Relaxed hair blog (grinning). Your blog is amazing which is why I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Visit my blog for details.

    Yinka A.


    1. I was wondering if you would have tagged me in this 😛 I didn’t see it on your original post lol I will work on it hhehe

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