Alex Has FINALLY Been Included in a FULL Performance!

BP Rania is promoting their follow up track, Make Me Ah and it seems like DR Music is ACTUALLY listening! Check it out below.



Originally I saw that they would performing this live so I thought I would check it out as I did enjoy this song off their album. So I was very amused when I noticed that Alex got to participate in the FULL stage.  I really preferred this song over Start a Fire. The dance and them seemed more put together and this song actually gave me that Rania feel. Meaning sexy and fierce which I felt they were lacking with Start a Fire. Rania was always known for somewhat risky tunes and definitely clothing.  It was also cool to see Alex singing even if it literally 2 seconds and I was actually able to take notice of the other members singing.

Overall, I am happy that they decided to do a follow up track because Start a Fire is still growing on me. This performance makes me a little more hopefully for BP Rania.


What are your thoughts? Sound off below!

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