Artist Review – Ailee

Another late post but hey! They never said work life was easy -_- and usually Friday the 13th is normal day but this one was just absolutely the most unluckiest day I have yet! So I have recovered and here it is.

Moving along to the final artist review for the Unite the Mic celebration! Ailee!!!

There’s not much I can say about Ailee because from her debut I thought she had the most powerful voice in Kpop. I don’t do with ballads so Heaven was so-so for me but became a quick favourite. When she came up with her upbeat track, “I Will Show You”, I knew to keep an eye on her. Her volume and power matched the type of the song and she was dancing in killer heels. Also even watching the live shows, she was doing it all! No lip-syncing and dancing just as good as the music video. More of my favs could be found on my facebook page.


I also liked that she wasn’t so skinny. I look at some of the idols and a lot of them stressed over losing weight. Or netizens saying that they are fat when they are most likely not. Which is what i liked with Ailee. She lost some weight but she still looks great.

Overall, she is an amazing singer. I hope one day she puts out a completely English album!



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