Artist Review – Jay Park

I am sooooo late but it’s up. Next up is Jay Park! I don’t know if I can say much about just because I can’t remember what got me into him. At the time a friend of mine introduced me to the world of Kpop and told me about groups such as 2PM, Shinee, DBSK etc. So I knew about him leaving 2pm, it just didn’t fully click in my head until I saw his song, “Abandoned” and doing what I normally do – find more stuff.

I think I what I liked most was that even though he is considered Kpop or Khiphop, I still hear RnB and Hip Hop songs from the late 90s or early 00s. Like his songs would be just as good in English as well.

He has too many releases that I like so you will see them in the Top 3 Jay Park videos on my Facebook page and some of his earlier stuff here.


He also has quirky side to him that I love!

I can’t find too many because it’s either with 2pm or part of SNL (which is watch if you used to watch the American SNL)


Overall I think he is cute and down to earth.

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