Artist Review: San E

First up on the Unite the Mic Celebration, we got an Artist Review San E. The first time I actually noticed San E was from when he used to host Guru Pop with DMTN’s Daniel Chae. I had watched the show because I was really into DMTN at the time and was in love with Daniel’s voice (actually still am). Either way San E and Daniel were hosting together and I found that San E is hilarious. I always watched the show with a smile and I remember being upset when the show was actually over. It was then discovered that San E was raised in the US and his English spot on.

From then I realized that he did one of favourite songs from Dream High, “Some of this Dream”

So I searched some of his older songs and came across like 맛좋은 산가면 안돼 and Love Sick while he was under JYP Entertainment. I realized how old they were and that he hadn’t been promoting frequently but none the less, his quirky and weird personality and awesome flow came across. I had hoped really soon that he would make some sort of comeback soon.

Then he did a collab with 15& and it is awesome!! There was a part where Jimin looked creeped out by San E lol!

In 2013, San E left JYP and joined Brand New Music. I thought this was the greatest move ever because now it has allowed San E to show what he has got. This man is amazing with his rap skills. The first song he released since joining Brand New Music is Rap Circus…. creepy video for me but a genius song. WARNING: lottttt of cursing

Another fav included in the first minute of this clip:

With San E starting with Brand New Music I think that his rap will be recognized. He is highly animated with sick rap flow. He is also making a lot of appearances on Show Me the Money and Unpretty Rap Star. I would list out more of my favs from him but then that would kind of be redundant with my Top 3 Favs being displayed on my Facebook page over the next 3 weeks before the Unite the Mic Tour. Like my page to check it out:


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