Artist Review – SPEED

I feel that this post will be more of a rant post because I feel that this group has a lot of potential and I mean A LOT.

So how did I come across this group? After how long, Tara-N4 came out with Jeon Won Diary, I suddenly felt like listening to it again. So while watching it, I noticed the rapper Taewoon.  Usually if someone is featured on a song and I like it, I tend to search more to see if they released anything else.  So I found out that he was from SPEED.

I believe “Zombie Party” and “Why I’m Not” were the first two songs I heard first and was thinking, “Are these the actual videos?” Because it’s quite rare to see low quality videos. The video, “Why I’m Not” was filmed very interesting though. On purpose or not, the fact that the lip sync doesn’t line up with the song works for me because something isn’t going in real time. Either the camera or the audio but either way, the overall effect made the song more interesting. It was probably the only music video that I actually enjoyed. I looked for other videos and while I really liked the songs, the videos never really looked like music videos  or just never really grab my attention. This made me question whether their company were putting effort to this group. For all I know this could be the concept that they are going for but I don’t think it’s working.

What made me really like them was their song, “Don’t Tease Me”. I came across the live broadcast of it and noticed all of them could sing live, do acrobatics, dance pretty well, and the song suited them a lot. I like the clowning  concept and the song went a long with it. I got their album to see what else they had and loved, “Hey Ma Lady” and some other songs were not to bad. I Google and Youtube searched them and it was then I found out they were under the same label as T-ara and 5dolls which then led me to the fact that they were part of Co-ed School. Clearly, I didn’t pay to much attention to them. I was never really a fan of Core Media and T-ara was never really on my lists of favourites but they did have some good songs. They are also the first company I think of when I think of numerous member changes and bullying scandals.

Now that I have notice SPEED, I don’t feel as much effort is being put into promoting them as T-ara or 5dolls are. Yes, they may have not make much money but INVEST IN THEM. Actually promote them better, give fans better music videos that have some sort of substance.

I think what fueled me  to write this post was the fact that SPEED came out with a music video a couple months ago. I didn’t even notice any promotion on the blogs/sites I follow. The video has recently got a bit over 200,000 views and was filmed in a random desert and under a bridge. The song and the dance was great but again, I feel that it was just randomly put together last minute.

Below is just a live version and I think it showcases their abilities better (Not as much as “Don’t Tease Me” though) Maybe they should find a concept that works for them. Stick with it for a few releases and then try to branch out.


Don’t Tease Me

Hey Ma Lady

Focus (Taewoon only) – LOVE the song… dislike the vid -_-

What do you think of SPEED?

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