Artist Review: VIXX

So this is one of the groups where I am thinking, “Why didn’t I like them from the start?”. I took notice to this group when I was watching MBC Gayo Daejun and they were performing ‘Voodoo Doll’. Something was telling me to just watch it and if I don’t like it then to just fast forward. The first thing that got my attention was when the 4 members took Ken and… I don’t even know how to explain it… fling him onto his feet? Lift and throw him onto his feet? Not to mention OVER Ravi! I don’t know but I definitely know I replayed it over and over again just see if they were able to just pull him like that. The concept also caught my attention because it seemed to be an even darker concept than BtoB’s Thriller. I had also liked that I can pretty much hear every member singing live. I know dancing and singing is majorly difficult so I give major props to the groups that can.

Since I had enjoyed the song and the performance, I decided to download their album to see what their other songs were like. Evidently, I liked majority of the songs and also found out most of the songs I like had a music video and were released previously. The ones that I like that weren’t released is “Beautiful Killer” and “Secret Night”.


Voodoo Doll

* I posted the clean one because the original still makes me cringe and want to hurl lol*

I watched the original and even though the video was cool, I couldn’t help but to cringe all the time. I guess I am not used to a K-pop video being so gruesome and graphic. As I said with the live performance, it was different and it definitely got my attention. Ken’s little flying trick still intrigues me up until this day. The dance was amazing as well as the use of the skull stick.

다칠 준비가 돼 있어 (On and On)

This video and “Hyde” seemed really similar to me so I decided to choose between these two. I guess I choose which one I liked even the tiniest bit more. In “I am Ready to Get Hurt”, I really liked the concept outfit, makeup and all. The yellow contact lenses… cool!!! I really liked the dance as well and I hoping I get to make to time to learn it soon. “Hyde” was up there too. It had the dark theme. Leo’s hair… it suit him for the video but I prefer his shorter hair ^.^

Rock Your Body

I couldn’t really choose a third video. Both “Superhero” and “Rock Your Body” are really fun to watch considering every other concept is a dark theme. Both dances are also on my list. But with “Rock Your Body”, I still catch myself singing it even when I am not listening to it more than Superhero. Both songs was made me love Leo and Ken’s voice even more.


(Titles are clickable so you can start watching right now!)

The reality shows that airs when they just debut are awesome to watch to see how a group is off stage. I always enjoy watching these because depending on a group’s concept, individual personalities are not really noticed. Like the dark concept Vixx does lately, it complete opposite to how they are as a person. Maybe with the exception of Leo.


I didn’t get to watch every episode since YouTube seems to be selective -_-” but this was what I watched that made me go, “These guys are amazing!”. They are loud, random, hilarious, and also very hardworking. Ken is really random! He is always doing imitations or acting up. N is funny in general, just how he talks I guess. I don’t know how to explain it. Hongbin, Ravi, and Hyuk’s personalities are hilarious. You seem them always laughing, playing random games, and fooling around. Leo on the other hand is quite opposite. I’ve watched a few clips of groups’ different funny and random moments and this is the only group that I saw that had a member that was quiet and not really “outgoing” like the others. I’ll admit, I was scared the first few episodes until it became cute. Because he does laugh, you just don’t know notice until he hunches over and then everyone else starts laughing. I’m actually currently watching Plan V Diary with Vixx and it’s good to see them for more than 15 mins at a time 🙂


This one, even though I knew who was in the group, I still cringed or hid my eyes when people were getting eliminated or were told they did a horrible job. It still made me also see how much they had improved over time.

Dance Practice Videos:

I like dance videos in general and I would post one but I like all of them so I have posted the playlist. So click on the title above. The ones that make me laugh is the end of “I’m Ready to Get Hurt”. Check it out!

Did you check out Vixx? Who is your favourite? Any moments you liked from this group? Comment below! Also don’t forget to follow me!

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