Block B – HER

Block B is back with HER. Block B still has not let me down!

The more videos I see from them, the more I feel that they are the king of Randomness. I won’t have much to say about this video because I think I express how I love their randomness in the Jackpot review. I do have to say though P.O’s head must be killing him because since “Very Good”, his hair has been dyed some funky colours! This video – even though the others have been colourful – this seems a lot brighter than their others which was appealing.

The song is upbeat and catchy. I could see it being annoying for some people because the chorus is highly repetitive but I feel like it’s going to get stuck in your head regardless if you like it or not. I still get to see Kyung and PO sing more and their tone of voice fits this song a lot.

The dance is wacky and cute at the same time for this song. It doesn’t feel as all over the place as Jackpot when I watched the comeback.

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