Block B – Jackpot

Even though they cancelled the promotion due to the Sewol Accident, I still had to talk about this song. Right when I decided to start working on this post, I came across them performing a special stage for ” Jackpot” and I got excited! I thought I wouldn’t have seen a live

The video, I find hilarious. They have a playful and crazy personality and it totally comes out in this video and the song went well with it. I like the concept even though it kind of reminded me of SPEEDs “Don’t Tease Me”.  Yeah… I know Zico and Taewoon are brothers and I know there was no video but either way, the concept works for both of them. I think that what makes me enjoy anyways when they display characters and it matches the feel of the song. The video is what I expected and better from Block B so no complaints about the video.

The song is catchy because I find myself humming Zico’s part and the chorus. It was also surprising seeing P.O and Kyung actually singing! Taeil’s voice is perfect for the chorus. I just really liked the song. Block B’s concept is being loud and bold and there was nothing definitely short of that!

The dance matches the concept. It’s very wacky. I found out that they did a special stage for this song and it is definitely wacky. I even at first thought it was all over the place or maybe it was how the camera people decided to film it. I didn’t hate because it wasn’t like it didn’t match the the concept.

Here’s the special stage of Block B’s Jackpot!


Are you looking forward to Block B’s comeback?


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