Eric Nam ft. Infinite’s Hoya – Ooh Ooh


Eric Nam is back AND HE’S DANCING! I distinctly remember him saying he wasn’t sure about doing dance songs because he claimed his dancing skills was horrible. Well I guess his bit over a year hiatus was worth the wait because it is definitely a great song and so is the dance!

I love that the video and the song are both up beat and fun. It was also nice to see Ukiss’ Kevin, Spica’s Boa and Busker Busker’s Brad Moore being cameos. The dancing was quite simple but interesting so he pulled it off great. Aside from the part where he goes back to his goofy self at 2:34 and 3:11. I am also sure that girls were going crazy in the beginning of the video where Eric was trying to get in a pair of skinny jeans and had mickey mouse boxers (?). I thought it was so random but I laughed because I knew millions of other girls would be hardcore fangirling. The video felt like a different vibe when I noticed that where they are shooting doesn’t look like they are in a box with lights and what not like a lot of Kpop videos are. So when I see something different, it makes me fall in love with video and the song that much more. I am usually a fan of Hoya’s rapping (and more recently singing) so I definitely have nothing to say about it besides that I am happy to see him being featured in a song.

For Eric’s album, I wish there was more songs though :'(

Eric Nam took over Eat Your Kimchi’s Kpop Mondays, which was a very entertaining especially when they got him to try the Mountain Dew corn chips in the bloopers! Check it out below!




Did you guys like this song? What did you think of it?

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