EXO – Overdose

This one is long overdue but I still wanted to review this song. I’m not going to separate them into EXO-K or EXO-M because even though they promoted separately, they put a weird twist in combining the two videos together. It’s also the first single they promoted separate since their first album.

The video was alright. It was still in a light box set but what can you expect from SM. When SM doesn’t use a box, it’s feels like a revolution. For the outfits, I would have just stuck with the suits. The 90s’ wear and hats did not match with the video and just really bad to me. When it switched over to the suits, I was more interested. Now that I think of it, I’m thankful that I didn’t see them wear the baggier clothes for live performances. Or at least I didn’t come across any. Something I found interesting about this video, and I’m not sure if they did this with Mama or History but the two groups are combined and the order is changed.

Here’s an easier way of me explaining it.
Korean Version = EXO-K sings, then EXO-M sings, and then everyone comes EXO K sings/raps the bridge
Chinese Version = EXO-M sings, then EXO-K sings, and then everyone comes EXO M sings/raps the bridge

I was even go to say the shots were also inverted but I watched it again and the chinese version has them in those ridiculous clothes all the way to the bridge either way it’s still close enough. So that intrigued me about the video.

The song I like it, as mentioned, I like RnB and Hip Hop so I was drawn towards its. It wasn’t anything extrodinary but I still found myself watching it over and over again. As well as singing it over and over again. Ever since I started watching, “Roommate”, I can’t really get over Chanyeol. He is not the same person he is when is performing!! lol

The dancing. You can’t go wrong with EXO’s dancing they are good, they are very good and I want to learn this dance a lot but I know it will take time. Considering how all over the camera and the choreography is it self!

What do you think of overdose?

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