F(X) – Red Light

F(X) is back with a darker concept in “Red Light” which has already surpassed 1,000,000 views in less 12 hours!

By far, this has to my favourite song by f(X). Most of their recent music were all upbeat and heavy dubsteb/electronic/dance beats. This was a little lighter with a pop feel. The vocals were a lower range than normal which amazed me and sounded amazing. Luna and Amber’s harmonization and their rap parts (or talking either way the melody and rhythm was well done) was amazing. I just find this song really catchy and different. They also haven’t gone with a sexy concept like most girl groups have been doing lately. Which is why I f(X) is my favourite. I don’t think I have ever seen them do a sexy concept or a highly cute concept and if they did, I wouldn’t notice because they are too unique.

The music video had a lot more variety considering that SM is KING at using sets and boxes for music videos. So I was happy to see different environments and what not. Their clothing all had a miltary/retro classic style so it was appealing and didn’t look too far-fetched. I have to say I do like Sulli with longer hair. When she had shorter hair in Rum Pum Pum, she looked very cute and her aegyo added on to it but in this video where she has longer hair, it just makes her look much more sophisticated. Amber looks cool with red hair… period.

The dance is different which is another reason I like them. They don’t go for a sexy or cute concept. They have their unique style so at first the dance was weird to me but I grew to love it just because it was so different. The live performance made me love it even more!

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