Girl’s Generation’s Comeback

So I started my blog with Girl’s Generation, I will start of from my unexpected hiatus to talk about Girl’s Generation. This review won’t be on one song because they came out a 3 around the same time. What also fueled this post was when I heard Party, I really didn’t like it ( I will go in detail later) but then I heard Lion Heart and You Think… I had to make a semi-rant.


I am sorry but what it is up with “Party”? I watched it and I figured that at their age, they should do something more mature. When they sing, I feel like they are still using an aegyo voices to sing and cutesy songs never really peaked my interest. The dancing, the singing, how the video is set up all seemed boring and something a rookie group would do. The funny thing someone put the song over a Polly Pocket commercial and it honestly fit way too well. When I saw the performance and “Check” came on, I thought to myself,  “This song is so much better! Why is this not a title?” If they were going for a summer track,you can make that song go in that direction. All I know is that there are some songs on the Lion Heart album that sound better to me than “Party” and could be made into a summer track. For example, ” Green Light” (even though it’s close to Party to me, I still prefer it) and “예감(Bump It)”. I can see “Bump It” an actual beach party going into night and the girls partying and flirting with boys.

Considering that this has the most views out of the 3 music videos, then I can see what the hype is about. Just not my cup of tea though. Check it out below.


Lion Heart was refreshing for me because it was a different concept and the song itself was nice. I like it better than Party. It showed a mature concept while being playful.


I LOVE “You Think”!!! I wish this had more views. I feel this song is more badass than any other song they put out. “Catch Me if You Can” comes in close as well. I was quite surprised that the members that I am used to singing in a cute voice, can actually sing. Sunny sticks out to me the most. If you take her voice in “I Got a Boy” and compare it to this song… complete 180. I wish Hyoyeon had more lines. In the live performances, I think Seohyun shined….. I always ended up focusing on her no matter how many times I try to watch someone else. LOVE the dance.

I feel bad that this is the first full promotion without Jessica but when I saw the leak of the music video of “Catch Me if You Can”, Jessica really can’t dance that well. So when I watch this video, I think to myself, “Would Jessica would have been able to pull this off well enough?” Not to sure.


What do you think of Girl’s Generation comeback?


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