Got 7 – “A”

Got7 is back after only 6 months after debuting with, “A”. The video definitely has a summer vibe and is totally cute with out it being too much.


Completely in love with this song! Why? It is catchy, cute, and fun. It also reminds me of some older american pop songs. I was either humming and singing, “A~~~” before the video came out. I watched the comeback stages before they released the video and knew that this would be a great summer song.

I watched all teasers that they had for each member and I think Yugyeom’s is probably one the cutest one. Mainly because in which ever show, I watch and they do some sort of Aegyeo, he tends to do these squeals that are so hilarious. Check it out below. It is half way through.

Mark’s was good too but I think that’s just because he is my favourite in the group!

The video is hilarious and it stands out to me. It’s bright and you can see the guys having fun. The first thing that came to mind when I saw the car scenes was N’sync’s Girlfriend video. They are wearing pretty much every day clothes, likes jeans and T’s which hasn’t been done in awhile. I’m watching the video and thinking to myself, “Hey, they aren’t wearing the same (but different) clothing in some weird still!”

Nothing much to say about the dancing. It’s fun and high energy and the pull it off well. It’s actually cute how they added Sunmi’s 24 hours dance there. I really hope that there is a dance version and/or a dance practice posted soon!


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