Got 7 – Around the World (Japanese Debut)

Just after nine months after their debut, Got 7 debuted in Japan this past October with “Around the World”.


I really like this song when it came out. Also for reason, slightly better than their debut song. Why? Because I think their dance skills were more shown. While Girls Girls Girls, I liked because I got to see that the rap line could also sing, I got to see JR. sing more, and also see a lot acrobatics and what not. With the video, you hear and see Youngjae singing more and a lot more of their dance skills. Because they put most of the acrobatic spotlight on Mark and Jackson, I had completely forgot that JB and JR. were able to some acrobats as well. I am not sure how I feel about the clothes as usual but I know that there are probably worse.

I can’t say much about Japanese songs because I always end up just singing the English parts but at first it did sound like Korean! All together it was catchy and I still listen to it constantly!

The dance was fun! I like the Dragon Ball Z move and it fit will with the “Around the World” motion. It was also cool to see the dancers get their own timing as well.


What did you think of Got7’s Japanese debut?


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