Got 7 – Stop Stop It

Just after debuting in Japan back in October, Got7 is back just a month later with “Stop Stop it”.


So the music video at first was weird for me because the clothes they are wearing! The idea that it has a futuristic feel made me understand it a little better but I can get over the weird shirts. I think the overalls would have been fine with decent shirts or sweatshirts. The black and white outfits are not bad but I still slightly can’t get over Jr.’s half sleeve/long sleeve thing and Yugyeom’s have hoodie. I thought the intro was funny where JB is trying to confess to a girl on the rooftop but she is not paying attention.

I think with the song I like everything but the chorus. I think that’s because of the auto/distortion that they do in the chorus got kind of annoying but I listened to it more and it grew on me more. Also I can here their natural voice over the auto-tune/vocorder sometimes so I try to focus on that. I think the rapline got a lot more parts especially Mark ^.^. The more I hear Yugyeom sing, the more I love his voice. To me, he has a voice that suits RnB songs very well.

The dance I love and it very catchy. It had easy points that are easy to follow and then they have their difficult points keeping it interesting. Their dance videos are always something to look forward to. Check out their practices below.



Crazy Boyfriend version


What did you think of their new single?


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