Got7 – Girls Girls Girls

In light of their comeback, I thought I should just do their debut video, “Girls Girls, Girls” as well.

So let’s start off with the video. The video is sooooooo long. I personally never like intros to video because they are usually WAY too long. I am pretty sure they used all the instrumentals from their album and placed them in the intro. I just want to get to the singing and dancing! 😛 Like most videos, it’s recorded on a set so I can’t really complain to much because what can you do? The split screens work because while JB and/or Jr.  are going off on their solo, you can see what the others are doing which kind of helps the fact that there are no other scenes filmed outside of that “basement” (besides the intro).

The song I like because as usual its going back to my love for RnB. I think that makes me like JYP entertainment. Majority of their music has that RnB/hip hop vibe and a lot of them when I hear it, I could imagine it doing well in North America. Yes, they may be talking about themselves in their debut but I am pretty sure that isn’t the only song that talks about how awesome they are. I believe songs are song and sometimes doesn’t always reflect the person performing it. Whoever chose this song should slightly made it more related to the group while in the beginning stages. I’ve noticed that people take the songs and groups to seriously and think the songs reflect them. I like the song because it sounds good and I could dance it and the guys look great performing. That’s my statement.

The dancing has gotten a lot better in JYP. Some of 2PM’s dance routines were questionable even though I know a good majority could dance better than what is shown. ( I still love 2Pm though). This one I could see being easy to learn… if you minus the acrobatics. A LOT of people (or viewers) on YouTube spazzed over Jackson’s pelvic thrust… I’m not even sure if that is the correct term for it. I was looking at the street wondering how he is able to move like that and also wondering how old he is and if he is allowed to that lol. It does grab your attention though… 😀 Acrobats are a nice plus.

What do you think of Got7’s debut? Like their comeback song better? Comment below and don’t forget to follow!

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