MV Review – Got7 – Hard Carry

Got7’s next comeback in the Flight Log series, Turbulence!

Watch the video first!

A/N: As I edited this post, I’ve decided to call these videos, “On the Spot Thoughts”. Enjoy!


Got7’s back!!! *HAPPY DANCE* I think I should call these videos I record… “On the Spot Thoughts” because now that it has been over two weeks since I recorded the video, I had more thoughts about it lol Well, they are still a work in process!

I love the song!!!! Even though I don’t a 100% understand the term, “Hard Carry”. From the bits and pieces that Mark said as he was referring to a game, it’s the people that helps the team when they are not doing good… kind of thing… or at least from what I took from it.

The beat is absolutely hard hitting. I was surprised by how well the rap and singing went together. Jackson has improved on his rap a lot and I think he has even found his tone or he could just be getting older and his voice getting even deeper.  I see Bam Bam is trying the new rap style. At first, it was kind of shocked me because it wasn’t a style that I was use to hearing especially from them but eventually, it grew on me. The pre-chorus, they slowed it down even more seamlessly and brings back up to tempo for the chorus. Is anyone as happy as I am when you notice Mark was singing more! Like even on the album, I can’t remember which one but there is another song with him singing. With this song, his voice tone suited it so I believe it made it more easier to sing, also the feel of it was more close to a rap feel than a singing feel. There is a live performance where his part in the chorus; instead of singing he rapped it. They sounded fairly close but is rap tone is usually lower.

The music video was meh for me. I’m pretty sure that I will be listening to this song more than watching the video. I love the set and concept behind it but the editing was messy for me. For example, Yugyeom’s verse, I can’t get a good look at him because it cuts to different shots. The sets are also really dark… so again hard to see everything. The look nice from what I can see. Did anyone notice that after the group rescued Jinyoung, they were all wet? So there were some small detail that were interesting.

The dance… HOW ARE THEY ALIVE!!! It probably has to be the most intense routine that they have had to date. There was no breaks… maybe for two seconds and then they are back at it. I also felt that Yugyeom was highlighted well in this video because of the dance. He’s always been an amazing dancer but I feel like this was more up his alley. There wasn’t a move that necessarily stuck out to me. The only thing I can think of is if they have ever knocked themselves out during practice or something. Yeah… I am pretty sure they at least hit each other in practice haha.

Let me know what you think of this comeback!




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