Got7’s Manly Comeback, “If You Do”

Got7’s comeback is definitely different than the last songs but it was a pleasant change for me as I like idols doing different concepts and make it work.

First off, I’ve a heard a lot of people say, “It’s too similar to 2PM”. 1) Look at who wrote the song 2) look at which label they are under and 3) It was said that they are the younger verions of 2PM… This song does not surprise me at all that is close to 2pm. Also how long could they really do the same types of songs. I hoping in the future they can do something more hip hop than their debut.

Overall, I love this song. Main reason why I like most of JYP artists because the music is generally RnB and Soul type songs which is my first love for music. This song is not a complete ballad and the chorus I find catchy and love the lyrics. I am happy that Yugyeom more lines in this because “Just Right” he got nil. I feel like the rap line has improved. The narration in bridge was weird for me, mainly because she is saying, “It doesn’t matter to me… I’ll just go to sleep”. …… What?! I’ll just go to sleep? You are on the verge of breaking up and you are going to sleep? It sounded so weird to me. Do girl’s actually say that? Let me know because I think I may be the weird one then!

The choreo is on point! The fast feet work in the chorus was omg. I even reposted the video that JYP posted about the choreo and I feel like its the best part from it. It just worked really well. The dance in the bridge seemed a bit random for me but it is easy to get over.

Well done, boys!

Bonus: Got7 on Qmentary – I enjoyed this interview too much.

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