Hype List #2

Hey Everyone! Here’s the List #2!

So I wanted to make a list every week or two listing out my most favourite hype songs, songs that I blast in the car or just my all time fav! I’ve made YouTube video shortly showcasing them but if they get copyrighted they will be right here, full video intact πŸ™‚

Let’s start this week’s list:

Ravi – Damn Ra


KARD – Oh Na Na


NCT127 – Limitless


Girl’s Day – Don’t Be Shy (Audio, No MV)


VIXX – Dynamite


100% – Bad Boy


Epik High – Burj Khalifa (Audio, No MV)


Dean ft. Eric – I’m Not Sorry


Got7 – Never Ever


iKon – Bling Bling

Let me know what are some of your all time favourite K-pop songs!

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