Hype List Part One

Hey Everyone!

So I wanted to make a list every week or two listing out my most favourite hype songs, songs that I blast in the car or just my all time fav! I’ve made YouTube video shortly showcasing them but if they get copyrighted they will be right here, full video intact 🙂

I can’t rank so each list will have 10 and I can say so far that I have about 5 lists so this is definitely something to check out!


Let’s start this week’s list:


K.A.R.D – Don’t ReCall



CLC – HobGoblin


Seo InGuk – Bebe


BTS – Not Today


Pristin – Black Widow


Big Bang – Bang Bang Bang


Monsta X – Be Quiet


Produce 101 – Yum Yum


Winner – Really Really


Girls Day – I’ll be Yours


Let me know what are some of your all time favourite K-pop songs!

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