Hype List Part One

Hey Everyone!

So I wanted to make a list every week or two listing out my most favourite hype songs, songs that I blast in the car or just my all time fav! I’ve made YouTube video shortly showcasing them but if they get copyrighted they will be right here, full video intact ๐Ÿ™‚

I can’t rank so each list will have 10 and I can say so far that I have about 5 lists so this is definitely something to check out!


Let’s start this week’s list:


K.A.R.D – Donโ€™t ReCall



CLC – HobGoblin


Seo InGuk – Bebe


BTS – Not Today


Pristin – Black Widow


Big Bang – Bang Bang Bang


Monsta X – Be Quiet


Produce 101 – Yum Yum


Winner – Really Really


Girls Day – Iโ€™ll be Yours


Let me know what are some of your all time favourite K-pop songs!

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