Hyuna – RED

Hyuna made her solo comeback with “Red”

I kind of enjoy this song a lot better than ice cream and bubble pop. Maybe she is improving on her stage performances but this song kind of fits her more. For me, I believe that there differences in types of sing. There’s actually singing and then there’s rap singing. For example, the first verse compared to hook before the chorus. Two different tones, correct? People would say she doesn’t sing well. Well… I don’t think she was intented to sound flawless. Like Bang Yong Guk, when sings he sounds COMPLETELY different than if he was to rapping/rap singing.  I do have to say she has improved a lot since Bubble Pop.

The song… sometimes I would like a song without even bothering seeing what the lyrics actually say. This song you definitely want to listen to without looking at the subtitles. It has to be the most random lyric that I have seen yet. What does a monkey’s butt being red have to do with her! Everything made sense but the chorus. Regardless, it made me understand why there was a lot of monkeys and bananas. It’s still fun though and I feel that it suits Hyuna.

The video is cool. I read some comments somewhere referring to Miley Cyrus but I didn’t really think of that until I saw a gorilla swinging on  disco ball. Maybe I just didn’t really watch the video that they are referring to. There are very random scenes but it’s fun. At first, I thought the Egyptian-type scene was the most random but then I noticed there is a scene where she is dancing singing around a reporter in a cage, 2 different scenes where they are wearing red and they are in a white backgroup – two COMPLETELY different types of outfits, then one with the jeans outfit… it goes on. It makes me wonder how they manage to fit that many scenes into on 3 minute video. I am happy that she abandoned the blonde hair and started wearing her hair long again. The whole short cut and blonde did not sit well with me. I think because she is pale the blonde just made her look more pale.

I love the dance! I don’t care if Hyuna doesn’t have a butt, she definitely knows how to pop it. I was the live version of the song and she has improved a lot on her singing live. Especially with that dance. Another point, she is doing that heels which is something I can’t do!!


Update: August 11, 2014

I wrote this post a week before it was actually posted so I came across this video where they explain the monkey part of the song. When I watched this, my reaction was, “Oooooohhhhh… now I get it.” So if you were definitely confused about this song definitely check out Megan Bowen A.K.A Chonunmigooksaram’s video below.


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