Jiyeon – 1min 1sec (Never Ever)

T-ara’s JiYeon makes her solo debut with “1Min 1Sec (Never Ever)”


For some reason I was really surprised by her debut. Not like I thought it would be horrible or anything. T-ara, personally, is just not on my list of favourites. They do tend to have good songs every now and then.

The video, at first, confused me because I had no idea what was going on until when it got to the end. It looked as if everything she was doing was a hallucination and then something brought her back to reality and you see her in a mental facility. The first couple of times the camera method was kind of annoying with the constant shaking but it did pull to get the video. The clothing and the set were very plain and basic so nothing to bring up there.

The song I really like because I feel that it fits Jiyeon’s tone of voice better than some of the other songs she has sung. I’ve noticed with some K-pop music, some idols are required to sing higher than their natural tone making the singing sound very… “un-natural” or annoying depending how well they pull it off. The bridge part where it was higher was slightly annoying but I got over it because the rest of the song was good.

The dance I love! Especially the part where they have her and the dancer mirroring each other. I knew something was going to get changed for the live show but I thought it would have still been able to pass. Some of the dance moves she was doing wasn’t THAT explicit or whatever reason for the change. I also loved the chorus part as well because the dance flowed so well.

This is a really good debut from Jiyeon and I hope she is able to do more! What did you think of Jiyeon’s debut?


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