Jun. K – No Love

2PM’s Jun. k released a Korean Version of his Japanese single, “No Love”. Let’s just say it reminded me why is one of my favourite members from his group. This song is sure to give you chills!


The song is absolutely beautiful. Rhythm, melody, arrangements… everything. I heard this song and I got chills. Even more when you have ginormous headphoned on. When he does his little tangent in the beginning, I was thrown off because he said, “Drop the Beat” and I was anticipated an upbeat rhythm and instead, I still got a slow melody which some time to get used to. None the less, the song was enjoyable to listen to. I listened to the song more and remembered why he was my favourite singer in 2PM. He has a very clear and distinct voice and his control is absolutely amazing!

The video was good. I don’t really have anything to say about it because I am pretty sure I paid more attention to Jun. K and his singing. There were definitely some WTF moments like the girl dolly person that looks absolutely creepy. The random and huge panda bear. Random abandon circus in the desert. It reminded me of TOP’s Doom Dada video where he had really random creatures in his video.

I hope others get to watch it and make the views go up. I think it’s on my most beautiful song list along with Michelle Lee and Ailee right now.

Comment below! Did you enjoy Jun. K’s song?

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