Language Post #2 – Watching Shows

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The post after the Korean Alphabet, I figured the next step or resource to check out is Korean Shows. Now it doesn’t necessarily doesn’t have to be dramas because I hear that it’s not really everyday speech depending on the show but I still think it’s better than listening to music. I heard that music is usually metaphoric and flowery so it wouldn’t make much sense. I also admit some dramas or most, are kind of exaggerated so I know some people that may not enjoy them. There are also variety shows or even talk shows.

Before I fully indulged in studying Korean, I picked up on simple things such as annyeonghaseyo, ne, aniyo, gamsahamnida, hajima…. etc. If you listen to watch/listen to these shows observantly, you can hear sentence patterns and small words. Through watching shows, I had realized their sentence structure was kind of backwards compared to English which made me want to learn more.

Haven’t watched variety or reality shows? Some sites such or ktopia have an abundance of them. If you are into Dramas, sites like Viki and Dramafever are good. When it doubt whether a site works for your country and you have an idea of what you want to watch, it can always be googled.

I personally enjoy Superman Returns which is a show where a celebrity dad takes care of his kid(s) for 48 hours without the mother. Most of the families on the show at the moment either have more than one kid (either twins, triplet, or just a lot) or just new to parent so it’s fun to watch. I’ve watched We Got Married but I watch the couples I like. If you are into Kpop, many Idol groups have their own reality/variety show.

My tip for this resource: Be very observant! Don’t only watch for entertainment!

Which method do you like to learn from or helps you learn a language? Music or Shows? None of these? Let me know! I am still up for trying different methods of learning besides the standard books 🙂

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