MBC’s 500th Show – WOW!

I have decided to write this post because I have notice that it takes a lot to impressive me in this Kpop World, now that there are soooo many groups coming out. The MAMAs and the end of year show in 2015 didn’t do much for me either. But I came across some of the performances for MBC’s 500th show and I have to say I was impressed with some of the performances. When I think back to the older episodes of the music shows where groups switch songs, it always felt weird and possibly cringe worthy. Mainly because the song would just REALLY not fitting them, the members together didn’t fit well or the group tried to be the like the original group. I am also talking about boy groups that dress up like girls though may love it. Boy’s day will always make me giggle.

I had saw on Facebook that BtoB and Mamamoo swapped songs as well as Twice and Gfriend. Automatically, I thought Mamamoo and BtoB should be good because of their vocals. I watched Twice just because it’s Twice and Gfriend because they’re slowly growing on me.

First off, BtoB and Mamamoo’s performance blew me away. BtoB seemed all over the place but the vocals were pretty solid especially when they harmonized. The rappers were pretty funny too and completely made it their own. Mamamoo was organized but you can’t really go wrong with standing mics. Their voices reminded me why I love them in the first place and the song “It’s Okay”  suited them very well! They both did their songs in their own styles.


For Twice and GFriend, I liked their performance because even though you can it’s not their’s, it still looks and sounds good. GFriend even incorporated their name and the clock dance move from their song into their performance. I still don’t know all the GFriend members but the girl that did Momo’s dance break pulled it off really well. It was weird seeing Twice doing such a cutesy song so it was watchable.


Another section of this episode that I enjoyed was the rookie and senior girl group sharing the stage:

Up10tion did a boy group medley and Seventeen did a girl group medley. As much as I liked Up10tion before this performance, I noticed them more on a member base… although 10 members… it will take time to memorize names… They sound very similar to the songs they sang. BTW, the member that sang Exo’s BaekHyun’s part…. HOLY they sound a like! They sung it their own way so it doesn’t sound exactly like original but just as good. Same goes for Seventeen, they did girl group songs but they didn’t perform it as girls and they did their own style. I just can’t help to giggle when I hear them sing Red Velvet’s Ice Cream Cake!


While writing this post, I thought of other performances where groups swapped songs and it sounded good to me. Check it out below:


Let me know what some of your favourite group crossovers were!!


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