MIB – 치사 Bounce

MIB came out with yet another catchy song called 치사 bounce at the end of March. This song feels really random but it’s sooooo good at the same time. The video especially.

The video is bright… like I mean really bright. I can’t get over what Kang Nam is doing at the second verse at 2:15. Every time I listen to the song on my iPod, I just picture Kang Nam dancing. I guess like other Kpop video it’s in a box so there is nothing exciting about it. I think I’m just more enticed in the song because I listen to it more than the video.

The song is very catchy. It’s good to listen to if you have headphones that have good bass. (Not ear buds) All three of the rappers (list out the names) have a really good flow. My favourite part of the song has to be when the beat gets quiet and 5zic goes on his spiel followed by the “rah”. The part that Kang Nam is dancing stupid in the second verse is also my favourite because it has a cool melody and at the same time I remember him dancing. The lyrics I find slightly random. What I got from it is that they are talking about being still around even with all Kpop and what not but I personally don’t understand where chisa bounce is… unless it’s the dance they were doing in the chorus. If that was the case, then it makes complete sense.

There’s not really any dancing unless you consider the chorus which is simple but catchy. Like in Dash (Men in Black).

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