Music Video Review: Girl’s Generation Mr. Mr.


In general, I like this song but on the flip-side, there isn’t anything that stands out to me. The cool thing is that no matter what song you listen to from Girl’s Generation, it has their style no matter the genre. Watching this video, I automatically remembered their “Bad Girl” and “Flower Power” videos, which are songs I really like. Compared to when GG came out with “I Got A Boy”, I remembered thinking how different it was and even though I thought the song was weird, it eventually became catchy to me.

I wish I saw more of the dance. The parts that they showed seemed really interesting especially the dance break. I will be crossing my fingers hoping that there will be a dance version. If I saw more of the dance, I would probably be able to give a better idea on if the dance is easy to learn or not. Based on other GG videos, I would average. To learn this, you would have to choose one group member and stick with them as all their parts are individual and different at times.

This review seems it’s going to be short just because I don’t know what to say about it. I think it is very average and doesn’t stand out much. The song I think is great.

Let me know what you think and maybe ideas will come rolling 😀

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