Music Video Review: Michelle Lee – Without You

When I saw this music video, I immediately thought I should write about it! This song AND video was absolutely amazing! I didn’t follow K-pop Star but I was very interested in the fact that she was half African-American and Korean ( I believe) and when I saw some clips, she had amazing vocals. I don’t even know where to start!

The song first-most, when reading the subtitles you can relate it to any situation with relationships, school, etc. In the video, it spoke of basically her life growing up in Korea. I remember seeing clips on YouTube about Michelle and also Yoon Mirae being bullied when they were younger and not liking the skin they were in. Just watching this I was able to feel the emotion behind. The child actress was adorable and carried the role out well. It was also a video that wasn’t the typical K-pop music video you would see so it would definitely catch your attention.

I feel that this was a really strong debut from Michelle, I can’t wait to see more! What did you think? Is she on your list of best rookies? Comment or like while I go rape the replay button on YouTube! 🙂

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