MV Double Review – Twice – Ooh Ahh/Cheer Up

I am doing a double review because I really wanted to review “Like Ohh Ahh” but as usually, procrastination and forgetfulness got the best of me. So as this is the first MV review in TIME, I will grace this page with a double review.

First off, I loved their debut! Also, congrats to them for the over 50,000,000 views!!! I feel that a lot of girls groups either do really cute stuff or they do sexy stuff so I lose interest really easy. It just looks all the same! This group had the feeling of everything plus spunk. Like which girl group has done a video with zombies? Even their teasers were weird but I loved it.

The video I like because as I said there is no ‘cute’ or ‘sexy’ vibe that comes off of it. They had all their own styles and there are zombies in the video – dancing zombies – so it was fun to watch. I love watching the dance break! I mean if JYP actually went with the original 7 line up, what would Momo’s dance break be like. I know throughout music shows, they switched it up but Momo gave it spunk. I also realized in this video that Sana is so cute and a clutz but at the same time, it’s all charming 😀

I sing this song on the top of my lungs to this day. The song is catchy and upbeat. When I am in my car, I sing  it really loud! I really wished Jungyeon had some more parts because she basically had half of the chorus at the end. I told myself not to be surprised because if you think about it, when 2PM and Got7 debut, they had a vocalist that barely got any lines, mostly adlibs. Long story short, Jun.K and Youngjae had proven their vocals and get many more parts and solos, so I am waiting to see what Jungyeon brings!

The dance I love as well. I also like that the live performances, they would change up the person that did the dance break.

Twice back with a new song “Cheer Up”! As expected, the song is still catchy, the videos different, and Twice looks great!

I am happy to see Jungyeon getting more noticeable parts. She will be on watch-list because she has a very good voice that is going somewhere. Like their debut song, it’s very upbeat and catchy. Another song to sing on top of your lungs. The song order is very similar to Ohh Ahh so there isn’t really special that pops out. I know I will still listen to it over and over again.

The video I loved because each member had their own type of movie/show character. Whoever came up with this idea was brilliant because I felt like they each fit their characters perfectly. I guess in the video Twice weren’t really paying attention to the guy so I guess he got bored and saw them in different characters until they actually became their characters in the end.

The dance is good as always… well what you can see of it.. the chorus and dance break.

How are you liking Twice?

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