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Ailee is back with some major slayage! Yes, slayage. Along with the Queen, Ms. Yoon Mirae/Tasha. Check it out below. Home.


I really love seeing Ailee. The last song I remember her coming out with was Mind Your Business and then she was injured so she wasn’t able to perform a hundred percent. It also feels like it had been awhile since that video. The song is also featuring Yoon Mirae which I WISHED she would be featured in the music video but as usual, that sight is very rare in Kpop. Sigh…

The song compared to previous songs are more RnB/Hip Hop rather than Kpop/RnB. There isn’t much about her songs I can say because she usually has amazing vocals. I don’t think she came out with a Title track that I didn’t enjoy. I can definitely say it has a darker tone that her usual titles. I was soooo excited that Yoon Mirae was taking part in this song. I just wished that she was actually in the MV. I expected that she wouldn’t though because a lot of Kpop MV that have a featuring barely ever has the person featured on it. Her featuring on this was the cherry on top because it brought together that Hip Hop feel.

The dancing in the water was a nice touch. I guess it’s easier to slip when you have shoes on but I think it could be as bad when going without! The style of dance goes more Hip Hop that her last tracks. To my eyes, I know Ailee is not really a dancer but she can hold her own and carries her own style. Like did you see the random splits out of know where?! I was like “Oh My, do your thang girl!” haha

The music video was very dark but I don’t think it was hard to see her and anything else that was going on compared to Got7’s Hard Carry and the shots weren’t choppy. I am also bias to red and black scenes because they are my favourite colours. Those colours to me look sharp and attractive . I can’t remember if this was released near Halloween but if so, it would fit the theme.

What did you think of Ailee’s newest track!

Let me know below!


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