MV Review – BP Rania – Start A Fire

Rania has reformed into BP Rania as the 3 originating members have left and a new 4 members have joined! My feelings are too strong for this…



This post may not be a long one because I felt like I got all my frustration out in the video! Definitely watch the video as I feel like a lot more came out in the video that what will in this post! I feel like this label has a lot of work to do so I will just cut to the chase.

I like the song itself. If I put aside whether or not, Alex is a fixed member or not. The song is good. It has the old school drum beat and the overall sound feels like a new change to me. I do wish that some of the parts were better placed out. The member that sings, “Burn, Burn Baby Burn” in the bridge, I would like to hear her sing one of the verses as her voice is very husky and I think it will go well. I have noticed that it seems DR gives the older members more lines. The remaining members (in Rania’s last promotions) had their verses and parts in the chorus while some members one one part or one line. The remaining members have good voices but it sometimes seem that they are straining themselves to hit those notes. The English version is also okay but I felt the previous Rania’s English sounded a bit better. Even though Alex doesn’t seem fluent in Korean yet, there is a video floating around with her rapping Korean so how come this isn’t a thing yet?

I probably won’t watch the music video much because it’s mainly a performance video and there isn’t really anything interesting going on. Because it’s called “Start A Fire” and the song basically means to don’t start a fight or stuff, etc. I kind of expected more of a story line, where there is some sort of interaction. Also the flop with Alex, yet again where she is not in the dance routine and appears in the beginning and the end. In the live performances, it’s the same as their last promotion. Rania’s “Demonstrate” track we kind of understood if DR had actually had delays in initiating Alex into the group but it has been months! To this day, she looks like she is just a featured member and not a fixed member.

The dance wasn’t showcased that much in this video but when they did come on, it wasn’t something that attracted my attention. There IS a dance move in the chorus which looks like they about to start a fight (I show which dance move it is in the video) because it matched the idea of the song and it’s not really made into a dance move you see often. I have watch the live and practice version and some parts look messy as if they are not really in sync or it looks like the choreo was kind of slapped together without having really any flow to it.

I will still look at for BP Rania as they can have potential. The newer member see as if they can hold their own. I just hope that DR can learn how to keep a group together because right now, I don’t feel that team work.

Did you check out BP Rania? What did you think? So much for a short post!

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