MV Review – BTS – Blood, Sweat, Tears

So BTS came back with another confusing doozy…. So I am not even going to get into the music video. I can still say that this song is on repeat even with it being realised months ago.


There isn’t much I can say besides what I have said in the video. I haven’t also watched the music video as much because as usual there is some major artistic imagery and I am usually one for the music than the video.

The song reminded me songs like Bieber’s Sorry and Controller which makes me believe that it is the new trend and they pulled it off well. The first instinct of watching the video was more like an “eh?” because the music still and concept are so different.

The clothing style for this concept was completely different from the previous titles and seem to use an actual concept besides either suits or normal clothing. They look like matadors even though I feel like it’s not a hundred percent accurate. It’s the first thing that comes to mind.

The dance is never a letdown. They can also make a slower song look ten times more interesting just the routine used. There are some parts I even wonder how they haven’t tripped over each other.

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