MV Review – BTS – Fire

BTS’ newest track, 불타오르네 (FIRE) is definitely on fire. As May 3, combining views from both Big Hit Entertainment and 1theK, the video already has over 5,000,000 views and counting!!

I haven’t stopped listening to it since I downloaded it and have been watching the video over and over again. Let’s get started!

The video was cool, fun, energetic. I remember watching this and thinking BTS is back. As much as I do love their song, “Run” it didn’t had the umph like the rest of their title songs. The video was bright and quirky like themselves. The scene where they are all gathered around a gas stove and using it as it was a turntable was hilarious. Everyone looks great. People were making a big deal about Jin’s blonde hair but I thought he was always handsome, people have just been sleeping on it lol  Idols and Colour Contacts should be illegal just saying.

The dance… omg the dance! BTS never disappoints when it comes to dance routines. Since I didn’t feel that I saw it properly through the music video, I am anxiously waiting for a live performance or a dance practice. I definitely love the part from 3:30 on, where you see more of the dance but it was enough for me to get goosebumps lol

The song… I am not going to compare it to Big Bang’s Bang Bang Bang but this song is up there in my list of hard hitting songs. Especially at the 3:30 point when the music changes a bit. So I know this will be blasted really loud along with Big Bang. I like that Jin is getting more parts. I wish V has more parts but it’s okay, I enjoyed his part just as much.

This song is definitely in my repeat list!

Do you think BTS’ newest track is “Fire”? Yeah… that’s corny….

Sound off below what you think of this track!


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