MV Review – Bulldok – Why Not?

I really should no more rookie groups or unknown group reviews. This group is a rookie group is but another group that I have expectations for.


Right of the bat, it kind of felt low budget for me but I was more drawn in with the song. For the music video, it would have been been cooler if the dance scenes had a set or concept that matched the whole concept. The white set with different colour lights was not doing it for me because it was different than the rest of the scenes. It also didn’t fit the outfits that they were wearing. For the individual shots, I feel like those sets and how it was shot were done great because there were actual sets with objects and character. I feel like the dance is what kept making me watch those scenes.

I kept watching the video to try to figure out what kind of music this is haha. It’s pop but the rap makes the beat sound more hip hop at times. They even but in some dubstep/electronic (I’m sorry, not versed in electronic music so the distinction to me is not that clear). It is definitely catchy but I think that it is the rapping that caught my attention because it made the song different from other girl groups at the moment. I love the all the girls voices because they are all different. It makes it easier to actually tell who is singing. Still not familiar names but their is one member with a husky voice, a member with a loud powerful voice, an awesome rapper, a rapper than can also sing well, and the last member has like a cutesy voice but the tone works for the song. So I couldn’t really choose a favourite. I saw newer live performance videos after I recorded the video and they seem to be improving and getting more comfortable on stage.

I love the dance but I felt like the dubstep breakdown, they could have done a lot more. Overall it was a great dance. It also wasn’t that much a girly choreo but a good mixture of both.

What do you think of Bulldok? Do they have potential? Let me know below!

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