MV Review – CLC – HobGoblin

CLC made a comeback with something that I could have imagined but not from them.




So in the video, I mentioned how much it was like something that Hyuna or 4minute would release. This is why you do not read the comments before watching the video because it can twist your perception! I think I was more amused at how well this actually fit CLC. I couldn’t get into CLC previously because their concepts were usually very feminine and cute. For some reason, I only knew of Sorn so she is the only member I know. I think she was the first teased member when they debuted. Because of Hobgoblin, I went back to see how much I did miss from this group. So far, No Oh Oh has caught my attention. 🙂

I will just combine what I think of the song, music video, and dance in one because the concept all fit together and I would be repeating myself. The song reminded me of 4minute’s Hate where the rap verses and chorus are edgy and upbeat while the pre-chorus and bridge are smooth and more soft sounding. The dance and music video was able to match of the concept by delivering edgy interesting costumes and a dark and even glow in the dark/neon set. As it’s a different style from CLC normally delivers it definitely has opened a lot of eyes.

The members that stuck out for me was Sorn, the member rapping the first verse, and the member at singing after the first rap verse (sorry i am horrible with names) The clothing and makeup that was chosen for Sorn matched her so well and she looked amazing. The first rapper because one she sounds very similar to Hyuna. The singer afterward her, everything about the concept seem to fit her. The style, the dance, and the song.

What did you think of CLC’s comeback?

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