MV Review – EXO-CBX – Hey Mama

Exo’s sub-unit group, EXO-CBX with Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin debuted!

I was literally setting up the camera when I realized this song came out. I listened to it a lot in the car than watching the video honestly. Even though I really have nothing against the video. It’s just so many songs are coming out at once, my head could explode. I still haven’t even listened the album 100% yet.

Make Sure to Watch Kpop Thoughts on the Spots (KTOTS) video first!

So after over a month of this song being out… it will and has been still on repeat for me. I love the song. It managed to catch my attention bthrough all the retro songs coming out. It also reminds me of a North American song that I still can’t figure it out! I wasn’t let down on the vocals because it’s Baekhyun and Chen. The song Xiumin had with AoA’s Jimin is what made Xiumin stand out vocally so I knew all around the vocals would be on point. What surprised me was that Baekhyun was rapping. Like it threw me really off because I wasn’t used to him taking it serious! I think Xiumin rap more. His tone and flow in the song sounds amazing. I did know he was able to because I’ve heard him rap in some other songs… I think EXO M. The chorus in particular is very catchy and is the part that I sing out loud the most!

The dance is not really as intricate as EXO but it still worked and still fun to do. I definitely want to learn the chorus part. They also incorporate a lot of new dances to this retro song. I know that Baekhyun and Chen aren’t dancers so impressed with just being simple.

Not really going much into the music video and concept because it was still weird. If you watch, the KTOTS video about you will hear my semi-logic of what I THINK is going but it probably isn’t really lol. All together the concept kind of matched the song. It’s live, fun and catchy. As I mentioned before, I haven’t really gotten myself to watch the video over and over again.

If and when they do a comeback, I wonder what their next concept will be…

Let me know what you think of EXO-CBX’s Hey Mama video!

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