MV Review – EXO – Monster

So this is done being promoted but I can talk about this video for DAYSSSSS.  I really enjoyed this song WAY more than their other title track, Lucky One.

I think the reason why I ended up loving this song so much is because SM kept doing songs in the same genre as Lucky One. So after listening to Luna, Tiffany, and Jonghyun and whoever else went back in time, I was kind of tired of it. The first two seconds of the song, I thought to myself, “Is this something new I hear?” Then it became a song that was replayed over and over during more than one car ride.

Exo – Monster Performance Video

Since I am still mind blown about the dance I will start with that. HOLY I was so happy when a dance version of the music video came out. Usually if the dance is good, I can like a song a lot faster than if it was a slower song. Both normal and dance version started off with choreo so it peaked my interest from the go. (Hello Kai’s hands on DO’s butt ahaha). This dance is basically strictly hip hop and there are a lot of transitions. Each chorus is also not 100% the same so you couldn’t tell what they were going to. Some of the dance parts that stood out (besides Kai): The X they make during the chorus, Xiumin in the middle and Kai standing on the other members in the first pre-chorus, Suho’s verse, all the choruses (Especially, the last chorus where Kai and Lay high-fived and went hard for the rest of the dance and when they were sitting on the floor and it looked like sorcery when they turned) and last the creepin’ part. Looking back at what I wrote…. it is pretty much the whole video. Like I am going there by saying this is the best choreo along with BTS’ Fire this year… just saying.

Exo – Monster MV

All now I wonder why I still do MV reviews because most of the time, the Kpop music video doesn’t make sense but I still find a way to love to it. As usual, I have no idea what is going on and I am pretty sure it has nothing to do with the lyrics but I found myself loving it. It is darker throughout the whole video than Lucky One and it looks like a protest gone horribly wrong. They were all beat up and fighting with what looked like police or SWAT. I would consider this darker than most of their videos because everything is dark. The song in a way, clothing, the set. Everything. Some fashion choices were questionable again.

Love the beat, love the melody, just love the arrangement. I am pretty sure it has a vibe of older RnB songs with a hint of today which makes me attracted to it that much faster. When Lucky One came out, I was thinking it was nice but it wasn’t the type of song to draw me. I was watching an encore stage that they won and to my surprised the station played the WHOLE encore stage. By watching this I realized, these guys can REALLY sing…minus Chanyeol forgetting his part but he was cute and it wasn’t an actual performance so it was okay. I am pretty sure at least 3-5 of them were singing the first half of the chorus and it sounded EXACTLY like the track and the harmonies were on point. This is really bad but I didn’t know how well Suho, Xiumin, Lay, and Chanyeol can sing. I felt the song really matched the voices and was able to highlight it. I really think that they all improved including Kai since I remember him never really singing, just rapping. So if people think, they don’t sing well, then they crazy because I can barely sing and dance at the same time. Let alone THAT choreo.

Yes, so this will definitely continue to be replayed. I have already repeat this song for a whole car ride twice… maybe more…. so I am hooked 🙂

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