MV Review – iKon B-Day & Bling Bling

iKon is BACK! And they went HARD! I think Bling Bling is my most favourite compared to B-Day since it has accomplished getting me hype in 2 seconds from beginning. For this release, it looks like some of the members changed their names. Jinhwan is now Jay, Chanwoo is now Chan, Donghyuk is now DK, and Yunhyeong is now Song. Which is okay with me because for some reason, I couldn’t get Donghyuk or Yunheoung’s name down.

These releases reminded me why I loved iKon in the first place. I knew them as the “hip hop” group or concept since Mix & Match even though they did release some songs in different genres. It was kind of exciting for me that they went back to that.

YG is promoting his artists SLOW though. I feel like he needs to be putting his group in our faces like Got7, Twice, Seventeen, and BTS. Did they not learn from BAP? BAP was inactive and lost most of their fanbase -_- I feel like it’s been a good year or more since the last track. Same with WINNER and where is BlackPink’s comeback? Last time I checked, there were supposed to be 4 major releases representing each square corner. We only got 2.

Regardless, I am happy they are finally back.



The song at first when it started, I wondering what I was getting into. It started off slow and with that, it can go two ways. Continue being slow or start picking up which I was happy that it picked up. It starting picking up at Bobby’s part and the chorus was more of the banger. It has the feel of an anthem with the marching beat.

The video was weird but luckily, I read some of the lyrics and know where the bees come from. I feel like YG likes using the same sets in which I thought SM was guilty of. The basketball set in Bling Bling was similar to Rhythm Ta, the jungle looked like BlackPink’s Boombayah, and there are literally party scenes in almost of YG’s releases. I’m only saying recent because I can’t remember that far back haha. It fits them though because I feel that it reflects their own crazy personalities.

As usual, I love their dance routines. The dance during the chorus that is particular funny because it looks like a rex, I think it kind of look likes a Praying Mantis haha! After watching the live performance, this song incorporated a lot of ol school dances in a March anthem setting. It kind of reminded me of a drumline.


Bling Bling

This song is the hardest song yet in K-pop IDOL Land. And I say that because there are RnB and Hip Hop genres that probably go harder than this but let’s keep to K-Pop Idol world. The beat caught me in off guard… haven’t got a solid reason down why but it just got me. The rap and and vocals were amazingly strong. There was quite a bit of autotune but it didn’t distracted me from the song and it kind of complimented it.

The video was like reminiscing from Rhythm Ta because of the Basketball Scene as mentioned before but just minus the jerseys and even though it’s probably a year later, they definitely look older. Like majority of their videos, they show off their funny and hype side. The van scene, I did see on some show that what they are making are actually cookies so it was funny to see them putting their logo on it and basically setting their van on fire a bit. This video didn’t really have any story line and is more a performance video so no thinking for me! I usually like these videos because I feel like it shows off more charisma than a story line. Same as B-day, they did have a party scene like every other YG video.

The dance is something I would do and won’t see myself breaking my face like with BTS. It also has that hip hop feel that I love learning so it made me more that hype. Even with BI’s part in the chorus where the beat goes hard so does the footwork. They also seem to love basketball because they incorporated so moves as well. The routine showcases current dances like the nae nae and such…. I can’t say much about this. I honestly had forgotten how good of dancers and performers iKon is. Please don’t disappear again!

How did you like their videos? Did it hit your fancy? In my video, I also mention to check out The Jess Lyfe’s reaction to this video as her reaction was basically me on the inside and it had me dying.

Til next time!



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