MV Review – K.A.R.D – Oh Na Na

I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays and the New Year that is quickly approaching! Since I have been hooked on this song since it’s release, I thought it would a great new review to feature as the next few videos after today will be some older one.

DSP debuted (or rather pre-debuted) a co-ed group called K.A.R.D. Check out their video below.

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This song has been on constant replay since it came out! I can also probably watch the video over and over but I have been opting more to watch the choreo video and the live versions as it is not an actual debut. Meaning, I will never see them on live show just yet. But this song is giving me such high expectations for the next two pre-debut songs and debut. I actually was more interested that this was a co-ed kpop group for the first time since Co-ed School. I didn’t think of Lucky J because they are not really Kpop, more like K-Hip Hop. I also didn’t include they guy from ZE:A and the two girls because I heard that it was project. Let me know if there was a group that made it mainstream as co-ed, there could be plenty I don’t know of.

The music video was quite dark, so at times, it was hard to see the members but I liked how there wasn’t really any concept/story to the video. It was more of a performance video. I also liked watching the dance video over the music video because it’s not showcased that much and the dance really also makes a difference.

The song also has influence of Caribbean rhythm like Blood Sweat Tears and North American favs such as Sorry and Controlla. But for me how it was all arranged and put together, I can’t really help but to fangirl like crazy. The melody and the arrangement was great. The tones that the two female singers have, worked so well and it was a great change from the purposely used higher tones used in usual Kpop songs. The rapper killed their versus. Nowadays, I feel that groups are coming out with legitimate rappers that aren’t taught. It’s not meant to be a bad thing because there are groups that I really love regardless of their rap skills but I think there is a difference when you hear the flow and rhythm of it. Heo Young Ji was their hidden member for this song and it’s still up in the air for me if it is an actually set member or not because I am seeing mix views. Youngji’s part kind of gave the song, a different direction as the bridge. Kind of an angelic sweet twist and such a hardcore song.

The dance as mentioned wasn’t really shown in the music video that much but the main point of the dance I was amused by because to me, in just not known in Kpop. North American Hip Hop and Dancehall – yes, maybe. But that just made the dance fit more with the song. I watched the choreo version where it is just them in a dance room and I was amused that even the girls were able to keep up. Which ever parts that they can make different between guy and girl were very subtle. Such as the girls dancing when the guys are rapping, they are dancing right a long with the same dance and vice versa.

This song, honestly, I give so many thumbs up and hope to see what KARD comes out with next!

What did you think of KARD’s predebut?

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