MV Review – Matilda – You Bad! Don’t Make Me Cry

I feel like Matilda is one of those underrated groups 🙁


I am loving this group because every time I come across their music, they do a completely different style. This song is a lot more harder and edgy-er than their first two singles, Macarena and Summer Again. This song also reminded me of SNSD’s “I Got A Boy” because the beat changes to completely different styles rather than just changing up the tempo. It doesn’t feel as messy as SNSD though and somehow it worked. Their vocals on this song is still on point. Like regardless of their tone, they still seem to have strong vocals and the ability to sing the type of melody needed. I didn’t feel like there was any lacking of any sort.

The music video, luckily for me, doesn’t have a story line, it’s more of performance video but I love edgy look that they were going for. They can honestly do a vampire concept! I think because of the eye contacts, their style and how they performed in this video. The video could get boring because it is a performance video and there isn’t really a drastic change of scene.

The dance in the video only seems to get showcased in the second half of the video so it made me watch the live performance and it’s seems very sporadic. Then again, the song does change tempo and styles quite often so it does make it hard to look clean. Overall the dancing during the music video, I did enjoy it because it was upbeat as their previous songs but also fit the concept that they were going with.

Have you been noticing Matilda? What do you think of them? Let me know below.

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