MV Review – Matilda – Macarena

So I stumbled across this the other day and it was breath of fresh air for me. I also thought it was a nice change to review a group that is more recent and not as popular yet.

Matilda - Google Image
Matilda – Google Image

This group just debuted and the song and concept has me being hopeful! A lot of girl groups for me using the same style that GFriend, and GuGuDan uses so I am always looking for groups that fit outside that mould. I think group has some series potential as the video was bright and refreshing and the song stood out.

As I am new to this group, I am assuming that there are two main vocals and the other two can rap and sing. The two main vocals can really sing and this song doesn’t hide it. The rapper both of them rapping had a great tone and it’s definitely a bonus when they can do both. I also found out that there is a member that was formally in Kiss&Cry and another group before so I hope this group works out best for her.

The dance is fun and bouncy. There’s a lot going on and it fits the song very well.

The music video was fun to watch. It’s mostly a dance video but had lots of colour and weird sets. There was no story to this video so it was great to watch as a performance. Sometimes after watching a music video, I would have to watch a live performance to peak my interest but this video did it on its own.

Hwaiting, Matilda!

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