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Been while since I’ve done a post/video. Life took over and too many releases been coming out left right and center. In this case, this post will be a quick over of releases that have caught my attention lately.



Kard Don’t ReCall

They are surely making a wave without “officially” debuting yet, with their second track Don’t Recall. Their newest single ‘Rumour’ came out recently and I basically have the same feels as their previous releases. This time, the hidden element was an English Version. The song itself still has as much hype as Oh na na did. Whoever is writing their songs are to something amazing and I hope it doesn’t change. Small thing that bugged me was that for the English Version, there were barely any performance shots of j.seph. I know it would be difficult to change the dance but when it’s J.Seph’s part is on you can’t tell because BM is in front and the camera is focused on him. Obviously you can tell by voice but you actually don’t see it. I still appreciate the switch of parts for the guys in both songs though. I love how the lyrics are a lot more savage than the Korean one as well. Or at least it sounds that way. I haven’t really looked at the Korean lyrics but the overall delivery was there.

I originally wrote this when KARD came about Don’t Recall so I will talk about Rumour for a tiny bit. Rumour is the same genre as their previous releases and it looks like they teamed up with LG to produce these videos because it had the uge LG X KARD logo in the beginning. Also, because the video was shot in portrait view so if it was being watched from a phone, you wouldn’t have to turn it around. Basically, like their card version of Oh Na Na. The hidden version was a completely different music video with back up dancers and I am thinking their choreographer. It was pretty cool seeing it in a much fuller assemble.


Pristin – Wee Woo

I think I came across this song because it was just everywhere. Also because I just finished watching season 1 of Produce 101 (I know, I know, like a year later), so I was aware of Penny and the poker face member… if you watch produce 101 you would know what I mean. At first, I didn’t want to get into this song or group just because I figured that there were so many of them and also, they seemed to do all the same genre. But as usually, catchy as heck. Whether you like it or not. One of the dance point also got me intrigued, the wee woo. This song served to be cute, catchy, and different.  I read somewhere that they don’t really have a designated role which I found cool because you wouldn’t really be able to predict what or who was next. Definitely keeping my eyes out for this group especially since I am hooked on their song, “Black Widow”


Winner – Really Really

This song is absolutely being replayed over and over and I literally can’t help it. Unfortunately, I have been sleeping on them as well as other yg artists but that just kind of happened. Obviously,I have my favourite members like Mino and Kang seung yoon but they never had that hit that made me go crazy. This song as usual has the same type of genre that everyone does -that Rnb, soul and Caribbean vibe but it worked for me because I feel that the tone of their voice fits this song especially Kang Seung Yoon. The rapping also fit well. I am seriously a sucker for this song.


Got7- Never Ever

This is basically my bias group, they can never do wrong. Well maybe some of the Japanese singles may have not peaked my task but thats okay by me. It was unfortunate that Jackson wasn’t able to promote the first few stages but health does come first. I feel that with each promotion they improve. While Jackson was away , I really noticed how much they improved by performing Jackson’s part. I remembered a performance in another country somewhere 2 members was unable to go because some issues and the other members had to fill in for their parts. It honestly didn’t sound that great. But with this promotion , the members that took over Jackson’s part actually made It sound like their own. I still think It would be hard to Bambam’s part though. The song didn’t go as Hard Carry but it was the same RNB feel with a mixture of electronic /dub step. The dance is still up there in intensity.



Gugudan – A Girl Like Me

I was late on this one big time but I just finished watching Produce 101 And I began to have favs.  I noticed Sejong and Mina from Produce 101 and Sejong quickly became a favourite, not only because of her voice, but because of her personality. I also knew that I wasn’t a fan of their debut because all girls were going for that cute and innocent concept which I was not a fan of. So when I came across A Girl Like Me, really enjoyed it because it had the combination of cute and sassy that I can deal with and I think that it showed their range more.


Girl’s Day – I’ll Be Yours

Girls’s day is BACK! This girl group is one of the few groups that debut 2010 ish that hasn’t split or had group issues. They are on my list of fav because I can’t choose a favourite so far. I was happy to see grown women, sass, and power song being released in contrast to what the new girl groups seem to be coming out with. Always appreciate Sojin and Mina’s voice. Mina’s runs though during the chorus is what I think sold me. It was in the teaser and I was like ‘This is gonna be GOOD.” Hyeri and Yura because my favourite through the shows that they have appeared on. Especially Hyeri. Just thinking that she was in Reply 1988… like it doesn’t coincide with me haha. It’s Girl’s Day! They are in a list with BTS where you don’t have to explain why they are so good.


BTS – Not Today

Which brings us lo BTS. Again, no explanation needed. They are the fiercest and newest group that is getting everyone’s attention. They just need to come to Canada once. Please. But the 8 minute dance version though. They really could have just done it in two videos but that was just me. Their songs are always hard hitting and honestly they soooooooo talented, I am mind blown.


BtoB – Movie

I feel off of Bto B for a bit but that is because I am not really a ballad person. I will acknowledge that they have amazing voices. So I won’t say that I will never not be a fen often. It was great to see them do an up beat song. The video also seem to be fun as they get to act out different movie scenes and characters. Though they have been doing ballads, I love that they resort to old school sounds for their upbeat tracks and I really feel that it is their colour.


Day 6 Releases

I couldn’t really narrow it down to one single because they have been and are still coming out with singles each month. Two singles each month to be exact. Slow or upbeat, they are all catchy and unique sounding in today’s Kpop. A side note: I really wish Jae was allowed to use SNS. I think they can be popular just by their posts.
What are some of your favourite releases so far?? Sound off below!

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