MV Review – Twice – Signal

Why do I feel like I am the only one that really enjoys Twice’s Signal MV??

Yes, I feel like they haven’t strayed from their cutesy girl concept but I feel like this was different than Knock, Knock and TT. They finally changed the order for this song! Nayeon no longer starts the song and Jungyeon is getting more lines! In my video, I said that Momo started but it was technically Dahyun and Chaeyoung but if we want to say that Momo started the first verse, it definitely changed from it normally being Nayeon. I have also notice that Jihyo didn’t sing the chorus in this or TT so that was also a nice change. The only reason why I like different song orders is that the song becomes predictable even if it’s not the same song. I also found Momo and Mina’s rap part kind of gives the song a different sound when their parts come out. With this, I notice Dahyun didn’t get much parts this time around but I am okay with it because she basically got the chorus in TT.

I am never usually bored with Twice’s music video because the concept of the video is usually very different from other girl groups. I can’t really speak for Knock Knock because I don’t remember much of the video but each of their video had a concept that didn’t really have anything to do with the song itself but made it work. This one was cute because it seems like they all have powers and they are trying to impress this alien which was actually cute in a toy kind of way. They didn’t make the alien look scary…not usually my thing.

Twice usually has a knack for make parts of cutesy dances look less girly…. If I even explain it properly…. Twice and Gfriend’s choreo I am usually a fan of because the dance is so intricate and not as simple as you would think. I have tried learning Cheer Up thinking it was easy but man! They somehow manage to fit in a million moves. I saw a video of my bias Momo going at it and she made it look like such a power dance that you wouldn’t think it would fit the song but it’s just that upbeat and fun.

What was your thoughts on Twice’s Signal song?




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