MV Review – Twice – TT

Yes a lot of these songs are older but I’ve been catching while I had time off. I had also recorded some videos that I didn’t want to go to waste. This next review is on Twice’s TT which came out around Halloween (if you couldn’t tell by the video).


They always manage to come out with something that is that is 100% cutesy in song but very cool concepts. This song is basically their one year to it was cool that they went back to a Halloween concept. All three of their songs so far were lovey and cheery while the first video was about zombies and the second was about different characters/movie types. This newest of the track is the combination of the two where they have different Halloween characters.

The song isn’t much different from the previous styles they have done in the past but it still somehow still seems to get stuck in my head or is constantly played against my will. The same goes for the dance. So the fact that I say that their songs are pretty much highly similar, I still love this group for their quirkiness and songs. You can’t get around catchiness.

What did you think of Twice’s TT?

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