MV Review – U-Kiss – Stalker

Ahhhh my beloved group, U-Kiss, that I have loved since I got into Kpop! They finally have a Korean comeback since “Playground”… which I didn’t know about until a few months ago. U-kiss fan fail…..

Now U-Kiss is one of those groups that has been around for years but hasn’t really had that big hit but they will still have a place in my heart. They are one of those groups that I saw improve with each comeback and has been able to showcase different styles. *Sigh* I really which they were more popular…

The song has a nice groove and as usual, is different from their other title tracks so far to me. I haven’t looked up the lyrics for this song but it’s called, “Stalker”. I can only imagine what this song is about….lol It’s unfortunate that there isn’t really a rap part in this song so Eli can have an official part but his whispers and screen time will do, I guess. I learned from this song Jun’s voice is not bad and he dances really good.

The dance fits the song perfectly especially the shirt sniffing and peeping through the eyes. The overall routine is definitely in U-Kiss’ style. I would say I want to learn it but every other song I want to learn!

Soooo….. is Kiseop a vampire or something? There was only two visuals on this matter but he looks very good, I must say. So obviously, the video fits.  A bunch of guys stalking this one girl. In this video, it wasn’t over done and lots of dance scenes. Any more creepier, I don’t think Jun would be able to watch it lol. Is he even legal yet?

I enjoyed this comeback and I wished there was a little but more love for them! <3

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