MV Review – Uhm JungHwa – Dreamer

I wanted to post two review and was thinking a lot about what I should post so you may see in the KTOTS vid that I am basically starring at my phone because I am constantly looking at the music video. I decided to Uhm JungHwa’s music video because it’s been quite a while since her last music as she also an actress. I originally thought it was a repost to find out it was a new video I was thinking, ‘Dang this girl still has it!’

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I don’t think that this will be a long review. Mainly because it’s not really my type of song. I will listen to it because I do like it but there isn’t really much to say. This woman has been in the industry so long that she knows how to definitely work it and put on a great stage.

The music video, I could have done with the bright scene as the dance and black/mirrors scene was entertaining as it is.

The dance was very simple but very upbeat. The clap dance is probably one of my favourites because even though it’s simple it’s intricate. The guy that was with Momo for Hit the Stage and Brave Girl’s High Heels… i’m thinking he may have choreographed it. He is getting known! He works are good from some of what I’ve seen so far.

What did you think of this comeback?

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