MV Review – Zhoumi – What’s Your Number?

Zhoumi, I will always love your songs, your performances and just you but…. SM! What’s with this recycled stuff???? First SM with boxed sets and now they are back it with retro song and video. Like I am pretty sure this had the same colour scheme as Jonghyun, Tiffany, Luna, and Exo’s comeback.

Make sure to watch the video first so there are no spoilers!

First two seconds into song, I was like SM done it again… but because it’s Zhoumi, I forced myself to watch it. I was going to I found that it was nice to see Zhoumi doing a bright and fun song compared to his solo debut, “Rewind”. He was smiling a lot and having fun with it.

The song is a lot more upbeat compared to “Rewind”. I loved his voice in Super Junior M, which is why I am happy that he is able to promote solo. This song really reminded me of Michael Jackson’s PYT song especially the chorus.

The video is very bright and cheery compared to his solo debut. He is smiling so much and it’s the smiles that comes out of nowhere so it’s very charming. I am pretty sure that they used the same colour scheme so nothing sticks out to me. My favourite part of the video that I thought was cute was when he kept giving the girl a piece a paper and she kept ripping it and throwing away. So he gets a water gun type thing and sprays a whole bunch of paper. It was quite cute.

There is nothing much about the dance I can say. It fits everything about the concept and it’s very fun.

I didn’t have much to say about this song because it just seem ordinary to me. I do play it every now and then but it’s not on a constant repeat.

Let me know what you think!!



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