Rania – Demonstrate Music Video Review

Rania is back after about 2 years hiatus with three new members Hyeme, Seulji and the African-American member that everyone is talking about, Alex. To get this out of the way, how do I feel about Alex? I am perfectly fine with her being in a K-Pop girl group because she is doing what many people dream of BUT I have a distaste for the label. There are only 3 original members and the rest off fell off like flies and off the map without much reason. My most concern is how long she will last considering she was quickly added into the group last minute and how frequent the line up changes. Then again I don’t know what happens on their side so I will just keep my fingers crossed.

So with that out of the way, I LOVE this track! Rania is back in full force! Or at least to me anyway. This seems to be another project of Teddy Riley and I never really had a problem with his songs (Mr. Feel Good and Bring the Boys Out). The beat is on point as well as the melody. It may change every so often but I find the change isn’t that big compared to SNSD’s I Got A Boy. It is still catchy. I like the tone that Di and Hyeme have in their voice. The other new members, Seulji and Alex’s are quite impressive so far and it worked well with the song. I didn’t look up the English subtitles but I have a feeling Alex’s lyrics don’t match with the overall songs because it sounded quite random to me. I was still jamming to it in the car regardless.


The dance is also on point! (I had originally wrote this part out but I went on a complete tangent and didn’t make much sense to me reading afterwards so it will be better to show you.) One of my fav dance points is the hair grab and leg spread.

The next part I liked was where it looked like they were stringing gum or pulling…. no idea just watch lol P.S I think this is one of their best performance I have seen so far. ^.^


The video was different that what I am used to for Rania. I noticed a lot more of Rania songs were a bit darker in lighting and type of music. Pop Pop Pop was an upbeat song but the set was dark. Songs like Masquerade, Mr. Feel Good and even Style were shot completely different. Their clothes were also questionable especially in Just Go. The clothing and the whole video for Demonstrate looked much more appealing and kind looks like the videos today. I especially like the black outfits. The sets they filmed in was a nice change from what we normally see from Rania. They also didn’t over sexualize  (if that is even a word) like Mr. Feel Good or Masquerade. Also, I am pretty sure Stellar took that trophy from them.

I see potential in Rania. I watched some of their older live videos and I think they have improved a lot. Even with the new members, I didn’t feel that they were very new. Well Alex… I definitely knew she was new haha. I want to see what is store for Rania and hope the best for them.

Rania hwaiting!!!

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