Red Velvet – Happiness

Despite the whole issue with f(X) ending their comeback earlier and just kind of launching their new group called, “Red Velvet” out of nowhere, they debut seems solid to me.


So the name of the group should have been thought out more thoroughly. I saw A LOT of jokes on Tumblr basically saying that we will no longer be able to Google search red velvet and get cakes and cupcakes. They will all be about the group. Others showed what their fan light would look like. It’s hilarious. Overall, I don’t think this was a bad debut. The song is catchy. Fans of f(X) will kill me but they did remind me of them because for sure they don’t make me think of Girl’s Generation. They are all singing/rapping equally. The dance isn’t a highly girly like GG’s. It’s also unique in a way. The minute it came out, they had issues with the name, logo, part of the video had references to 9-11 and Hiroshima, it was just a mess. Netizens seemed very observant because I didn’t even notice it until it was brought up because I wasn’t really focused on the background. Either ways, these things should be looked into before launching. Even here in North America, you have to claim copyright on a name to avoid what had happened and look to see if anyone had been using that name for a certain amount of time..

Regardless, as I said, I like the song. It’s catchy. It was cool to see that some of the members can both rap and sing. Wendy will be my favourite just because she sings great and is from Ontario, Canada as well. ^.^ MBC kind of made a good move with banning lip syncing because now I can actually respect this group’s talent.

The video was different than what SM normally does, even though they kind of let something controversial slip past. It’s weird at the same time because the one set is a jungle… and they are wearing cheerleading clothes… yeah… weird. Dying the ends of their hairs did actually help me tell them apart considering that the song doesn’t really have a general order of who sings which worked for me.

The dance I loved and this is the main reason why I thought of f(X). The dance is different and it’s not as girly, or lady like I should say, like GG. So it makes me want to learn it more.

Do you think Red Velvet’s debut was good regardless of the issues that has happened? Let me know!

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